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'1 Days, 1 Hours, 57 Minutes and 34 Seconds«.'
Kudlek Van Der Grinten Galerie
6m x 7m x 3m
Cologne, Germany.

In the gallery, 218,730cm of stretched videotape transformed walking through the space into a physical and optical experience. The tape was precisely stretched at varying angles so that its thin edge and wide edge are seen alternately, creating a vibrant and disorientating effect as one moves around the space.

The title for the show 'Pieces of Time' accentuates the materials Currie uses. It is the name given to the duration of the tape, when played, to create the work. Videotape and cassette tape are the chosen materials which are manipulated by Currie through ordering, pinching, and ripping in unusual ways, to create images that reveal the background.

The highly reflexive black magnetic tape acts as a kind of mirror that allows our glance to pass through it where it is twisted away from the background. The viewer is drawn into an ever changing image that not only incorporates the space around it but also the viewer himself whose perception changes from every different view point.

Robert Currie ©2011