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(3 days, 3 hours, 22 minutes and 46 seconds)
Commission by Land Securities and SW1 Gallery
15m x 6m x 17m

In the gallery, 700,000cm of unspooled videotape transformed walking through the space into a dramatic physical and optical experience. The tape was precisely stretched around 3 columns so that its thin edge and wide edge are seen alternately, creating a vibrant and disorientating effect as one moved around the space.

Each individual line is twisted a specific number of times, then built into a network of regularly laid-out strands of unspooled videotape - creating an appearance of an intricate drawing in space. Once the structure was complete, its surfaces were fully illuminated, the light caused to bounce and fragment off the highly reflective strands of tape, which were then deliberately agitated. The effect for the viewer was an abstract form which, as one watched, distorts optically, the minute variations between the strands causing the individual 'drawn' lines to move in and out of focus, becoming more then less prominent. Alternating rhythms emerged, with the strict geometry being replaced by passages of tension and relaxation that provide an aesthetic and harmonic experience. 'interference' references the material's link with the production of distorted sound and moving image.

Robert Currie ©2011

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