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'4 fans facing inwards blowing a combined airflow of 364cu/ft surrounded by 32cu/ft of 7mm guage polystyrene balls'
3m x 3m x 50cm
GalerieP. Brussels. 2003

32cu/ft of polystyrene balls are placed in a circular formation which measures 3m in diameter. 4 fans facing each other are placed in the middle. Balls pile up in a circle around the outsides of the fans, whilst the space in front of them remains clear. The reverse thrust is strong enough to pull some balls in every second. As they are sucked in they hit the fan propellers letting out a disproportional loud sound in relation to their size.

The precise arrangement of all the fan’s airflow shifts the direction upwards. The balls fly up to around 2m high, linger, then fall back down behind the fans and land on the pile only to push other balls inward. Almost as quickly as the balls are given life, it is taken away - until the next cycle. This, along with the movement makes the balls appear part of nature.

This cycle happens several hundred times a minute so the noise is tremendous. Its form resembles a fountain but the sound resembles hail.

Robert Currie ©2005