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'Unnatural History'
Sothebys Commission
10m x 2m x 2m
London 2001

The atrium space was ten metres by five metres, that allowed many different viewing positions. The concept was to create a form that resembled a skeletal whale, found in Natural History museums because the Sotheby’s space has museum like qualities. I decided to tie each thread of nylon to the railings to suggest that the form had grown and was fused with the space. When the project was completed the total amount of nylon used was around 5000 metres.

An organic outer structure stretched from one side of the space to the other. It was divided and held together by metal rings, six different sizes, each with 206 holes, through which the nylon was threaded and then attached to the railings. There was a twisted nylon shape suspended in the middle of the metal rings which resembled a backbone.

Robert Currie ©2005