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'Drawing Machine No1'
Gulbenkian Gallery. Royal College of Art.
6m x 1.4m x 1m
London. 2000

This is a technique I developed that allows a motor and a pen to trace their own actions and leave their marks visually. For such a crude looking mechanical device the drawings it produced were incredibly aesthetic, achieving tremendous depth, impossible by hand. The drawings produced had a likeness to natural forms and occurences.

People are used to technologies they don’t understand performing operations with tangible results. Revealing the components exposes its genius and creates wonderment that such a simple device could produce such an impressive visual result. It was for this reason that the piece engaged people and became mesmerising, in such a way that the viewers questioned its apparent simplicity.

This piece won the college’s Daler Rowney drawing prize.

Drawings can be seen in the drawing section.

Robert Currie ©2005