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'4 Fans Producing a combined airflow of 324cu/ft blowing into a corner filled with 7mm guage polystyrene balls'
Gulbenkian Gallery. Royal College of Art.
4m x 2.5m x 2.5m
London. 2000

The very literal title of this piece reveals exactly what is involved, and alludes to it’s scientific nature and precision.

The four fans which remained on constantly, pushed the balls into the wall and up to a height of 4m. They lingered in the airflow until they came down, hugging the wall as they fell gathering onto a pile built up behind the fans. The cycle was completed as soon as they landed by pushing more balls back into the airflow.

The impressive, loud sound of the balls hitting the fan’s propellers reinforced the complex, visual image. The polystyrene balls illustrated the usually invisible airflow produced by the fan. People became mesmerised with the movement and sound and felt compelled to interact by interrupting the airflow or touching the balls. These interactions produced immediate visual feedback.

Robert Currie ©2005