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'Oscillating Box No1'
New Contemporaries 2000.
30cm x 22cm x 16cm
Touring Show. UK. 2000

The selection panel consisted of Gavin Turk, Sarah Kent and Jeremy Miller, who selected the final 32 artists from over 1200 entries. My selected entry was a box which was originally used as packaging for a fan and inside were polystyrene balls alluding to protective packaging. A fan connected to the mains was placed underneath the balls. The density of the balls in relation to the fan’s airflow created a small, silent, rippling movement.

The piece was to be displayed on the floor in ‘dead spaces;’ quiet corners and awkward areas that no-one uses. This prerequisite is instrumental to the success of the piece; the discovery of finding something in a space you thought was empty. Awareness then shifts from the box to its contents, and the subtle, organic movements within. The ambiguity of these movements are increased because of the viewer’s position above the box - curiosity then leads to closer inspection.

Robert Currie ©2005