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A Clearing. Frankfurt Commission. Germany
2m x 2m x 6.5m. 2001

The sculpture was commissioned by Autostadt for their lounge, constructed within Europe's largest trade show for cars as a contrast against the noise and distraction in the hall. 

From my brief it was an important factor to use the height in the space. It had to slowly rotate but could not be fastened to the floor. So I chose to work with a metal structure that would allow the form to be fixed from the ceiling, but also allowed the structuring of the nylon to be rigid and straight due to the weight of the bottom rings.

It was a good chance to construct a large complex installation, but also to gain more knowledge about logistical and technical processes that enable the construction of an installation. These processes were challenged when it had to be made in three sections to allow it to be transported from London to Germany.

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