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'8 Days, 17 Hours, 46 Minutes and 21 Seconds' 

Video tape, 13m x 7m x 3m, VINEspace, London, 2008

Exploratory pencil sketches led to a simple idea - to work on the two parallel walls of the gallery. The initial process was clear, equitable, and in contrast with the ultimate complexity which finally confronted the viewer.


Architecturally, this installation was unlike previous installations; more Gaudi than Gropius, less pre-determined, more willful. The videotape, with its slender lines and reflective surface, worked collectively to grow out from the wall, crystal-like, with an organically geometric sensibility.


Physiological, psychological and philosophical modes of perception are a pre-occupation, and visually, an awareness of what is not there, is brought about because of what is; a perception of nothingness as a result of 'somethingness'.



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